The first step to getting your groom involved is to support his ideas and his thought process. Work together on this one. Don’t immediately shoot down everything he says, give him some say in the planning. If you’ve forgotten, he’s getting married too. Find out an aspect of the wedding that interest him. Cater to his skill set and to the aspects he would be good at organizing and looking into.

Be sure not to overwhelm. Becoming a “bridezilla” can happen pretty quickly. Especially if you have a short fuse and the wedding plans are piling up. Don’t be afraid to trust your groom to get some of your tasks done, while being mindful not to overwhelm him. If you have tasks that need a decision together, do them together. Be sure not to dump something your indecisive about onto him and then give him heck later for a poor decision. Work together.

Brainstorm together. Who knows what can come out of it. If you are on the fence about a detail or aspect, then brainstorm ways to add to it, or make it different. Wedding ideas can be really hit and miss. Come up with enough to ensure you hit on all of them. You’ll never make a decision if the only options you have are mediocre. Have fun with it!