Taking a measly ten minutes out of your day can prove quite effective in the category of peace of mind. Ive seen wedding parties go astray due to a mediocre DJs that thinks his or her career is gonna take a dive if he’s caught playing a certain brand of wedding music. And on that note I say, MEET YOUR DJ.

DJing can account for a handful of hours at the end of your evening and can turn a wedding reception from a bleak two hour affair into a 5 or 6 hour affair that runs all night and it memorable. Meeting your DJ can ensure his level of professionalism and ability to be on time. This is an early test for the big day you have just on the horizon. Be sure to ask questions like “will you take requests” and “do you have a backup should you get sick or cannot make it due to an emergency”? Small things like this can give you complete piece of mind on your big day, which will naturally have your mind running amuck.

Make sure the DJ you have found is a good fit. Trust your gut. Don’t be afraid to ask a “stupid question” as you might not have a lot of experience in this field and theirs only one way to gain the knowledge. Most entertainers will understand.

Of course booking with Airwaves will also give you that peace of mind as we ask these questions and do a lot of this footwork for you! Ensuring your entertainment needs are met is out number 1 priority!