Bridal Shows can shed great insight and give you a lot of ideas for the direction you want your wedding to take. They can be a fun way to spend the day with your friends and work to your advantage. Their are a lot of steps you can take to get the most out of these shows. Some of those include:

If possible, pre register for the show. This applies to smaller, more intimate shows. For larger ones, plan ahead and see if theirs an early bird ticket sale, which will often give you your entrance fee at a discounted rate.

Obtain a list of vendors. A lot of vendors will often offer a discounted rate if they’re booked on the spot at a bridal show. Make a list of everything you need to book for your wedding, figure out the vendors you know you want to check out and start rattling them off one by one. A handful of small savings to due to early booking can give you a lot to play with at the end, in terms of money.

Focus on visiting all the vendors you want/need for your wedding. This can be time consuming, tiring and quite taxing on the mind. Once you’ve accomplished your goal of who you wanted more information on, then you can wander and check out the rest for ideas, should you still want to at that point.

For bridal shows that offer fashion shows, learn the times and be early. Typically these are first come first serve. Now they don’t happen at every show, but they often can be a great way to get ideas for a dress or bridesmaid dresses. Wedding fashion in general, actually.

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