Seating is a pivotal first step to helping people avoid socially awkward situations. For example, knowing that a specific couple you invite is more to the “keep to themselves” side of things, can be an opportunity to open them up. Placing them at a table with a few groups of talkative people can be a great way to incorporate them into the wedding and help them enjoy themselves. Keep them away from the cooky uncle, but at the same time station them by people that are more outgoing and that you know will be able to make them laugh. After all, you know your guests the best. Try to mix up the tables, putting all different types of social personalities together.

A fun way to loosen people up is to put something on each place card thats a fun task for them to do. To get them involved and out of their seats. That can include, “buy someone you don’t know a drink”, “go request a song”, “make a toast”, “or ask someone besides your spouse at the table to dance”. This can help people leave their comfort zone, in a good way.

Lastly, the liquor. While advising against getting plastered and dancing on the table, invite guests to have a drink or two. It opens up great social avenues and can really liven up your reception or event!