If you ever wondered what it would be like to be a wedding DJ, here is just a small snapshot of the life of a professional, full-time wedding DJ in Kelowna.

  • Friday Morning – The day before a wedding: Get up early enough to arrive at the office by 9 am. Arrive at the office, turn on the computer, and grab a cup of coffee. Sit down and trawl through the endless emails offering fast weight loss, remedies for ailments, and cash contest payouts. Then, get to answering inquiries about quotes, confirming upcoming weddings’ playlists, make some phone calls, and so on.
  • Friday Mid-Morning – Pull up details about the wedding for tomorrow, such as important contacts, First Dance, requested songs, directions to the venue, etc. Next, make sure the music collection has been updated with all the latest songs and fill in any gaps for music that was requested.
  • Friday Afternoon – Grab a quick lunch. Confirm with the venue what equipment they have available and then start loading and packing the equipment.
  • Friday Evening – Quiet evening in with dinner, a movie, and maybe a few video games. Turn in at an early hour because tomorrow will be a long day.
  • Saturday Morning – Up earlier than yesterday. Have to iron and pack the clothing for that evening. Quick breakfast, then on the road to the venue.
  • Saturday Mid-Morning – Arrive at the venue. Find where to park and start unloading equipment to take inside. After making multiple trips and much sweating, finally have everything indoors. Once inside, get everything set up and tested. Finish up by early afternoon.
  • Saturday Afternoon – Get some lunch and check into a nearby hotel to freshen up. If there’s time, might take a quick nap before having to return to the venue by 6 pm.
  • Saturday Evening – Return to the venue in formal dress attire to prepare for the guest’s arrival. The couple has requested music be played while guests arrive to keep them entertained until the newlywed arrive. This is a good time to play the warmup set and ensure everything is working correctly.

Can tell the night is going to be fun as the early arrivals are already dancing. The crowd is great as the evening’s main music event kicks off at 8 pm after dinner. The bride and bridesmaid have tons of requests that keep things going and everyone on the dance floor all night long. Even as the crowd starts to thin, the party is still going well after midnight.

By 1 am things have wound down and the last song has been played. For the newlyweds, their night is over. Now, the equipment has to be torn down, packed, and loaded. On the road home by 2 am. Arrive at home a short time later and into bed by 3 am.

As you can see, the life of a full-time Kelowna wedding DJ can be rather demanding. Yet it is quite exciting to energize the crowd during the wedding reception and provide an outstanding performance to keep the party going all night long.

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