Every wedding needs a DJ to get the reception moving, and choosing the right one is an important part of planning a wedding. Be careful, though, There are plenty of amateurs out there, and not every DJ is going to be a good match for the atmosphere of a wedding.

To make the right choice for your special day, remember to ask your DJ the following questions:

  1. How many weddings have you played?

All experience is going to make a difference, but if you have the choice, go with DJs who have played weddings before. They’ll understand the expectations that come with playing weddings, and understand how to manage the more reverent atmosphere while keeping things fun.


  1. What sound equipment are you bringing?

The true mark of a professional DJ is the quality of their equipment. You don’t need to understand much about sound equipment to understand whether it will be enough for the crowd. So, if you prospective DJ is bringing nothing but computer speakers, you should move on to the next choice. Choose a DJ who has the right equipment to play to a crowd.


  1. Are you licensed for the music you’re playing?

It’s uncommon, but copyright penalties have been applied for music played at weddings. A professional will know the local laws and have the proper licenses for all the music they are playing. Enjoy peace of mind by choosing a DJ who won’t get you slapped with a fine.


  1. What would be your “first five?”

You hire a DJ because you know they can massage a playlist better than you can, and have a better understanding of managing crowds. While it’s important that you don’t try to control the playlist too much, you still want to make sure they understand your taste. Begin a conversation into the songs that will go into the night by finding out what kinds of songs they would put in their first five.


  1. What are your slow songs?

The slow dances can be the most important songs of the night, and taste in slow songs can come down to season, generation and many other factors. Make sure that you have a close understanding with your DJ on what songs can be rotated through the slow songs. You’ll also want to make sure you and your Wedding DJ share a sense of pacing for the night. Establish beforehand how often they’ll be playing sad songs.

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