Your wedding can be more enjoyable with the playing of some good music. But it’s impossible for you to create the playlist, request your little brother or sister to play them, check the speakers, and do many odd jobs in the middle of your wedding.  If you want to cast the right magical spell of music on the D- day, it’s imperative to hire a DJ.
You have to keep some factors in mind before booking the DJ. There are three basic questions that you have to ask your Vancouver DJ before you finalize the contract.

1. Do you have ample storage of different music styles?

When a DJ plays the music in a disc or social parties, the music includes all the typical rock hits and fast numbers that will excite the crowd. But the wedding is a different occasion altogether. There will be people from all age groups. Some of the guests might be meeting their relatives after many years. So all they want is to chat with everyone present there. The DJ must have a variety of songs in store so that the blending of various musical styles is possible. If the DJ keeps on playing only the recent fast tunes, then the older generation will not like it at all.

2. Will you follow my guidelines?

You know your family inside out. So you know what type of songs they like and which songs are the family favorites for you have seen them enjoying the same song over and over again during all the family occasions. The Vancouver DJ must respect the guidelines that you will provide. Instead of trying to show personal music taste, the DJ should play the songs according to your wish. Sometimes, even the most boring numbers have some old funny memory associated with it that will make the family relive the good old days.

3. Is all your equipment tested?

The DJ must carry the certificate that will prove that all the electrical equipment with him have undergone necessary testing for portable appliance within a year. Any glitch in the electrical gadgets may lead to accidents that will be the liability of the DJ. The venue officials will not take any responsibility without the proper certificate. The venue can even turn the DJ away if the person is unable to show the adequate insurance paper for public liability. You must not make any advance payment unless you see the certificates physically.

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