AirwavesVictoriaHow do I get married in Victoria?

Victoria is a unique city. With gorgeous architecture, a smaller city vibe, and the ocean attached to all that, it’s a great place to look into tying the knot. Finding that BC scenery has reached its pinnacle in Victoria. Shopping around downtown is sure to bring you what you’re looking for in terms of reception. Ceremony-wise, there are gorgeous outlying areas with forested mountain backdrops, sure to hit that sweet spot your bride is looking for.

Where can I get married in Victoria BC?

Keeping it localized to downtown isn’t too much of a stretch. With a downtown that’s easy to navigate as well as get in and out of, there’s no issue with choosing an outlying area ceremony, and picking up the whole wedding party, and carting them to a downtown reception. Victoria doesn’t have the chaotic hustle and bustle that the main hub like Vancouver has. It’s got a quaint small town feel with plenty to offer. Being able to find a ceremony and reception that’s unique to you is incredibly possible in Victoria. As well as being from Vancouver or its surrounding area, an hour and a half ferry ride across the pond seems like a small price to pay to achieve all this.

The small, quiet, outlying scene isn’t for everyone. But a quiet, quaint and refined wedding fits the bill in Victoria. After sniffing around on the web there is sure to be a venue for you. Hoping Mother Nature cooperates in the fall and winter months is out of our hands though. That’s a gamble that all fall/winter wedding couples take in the Southern BC.