AirwavesMusic_WinterDrivingAs someone that lived in Canada my whole life, i’ve seen it all. I talk in terms of winter. I currently spend my driving time in the city of Vancouver but up until 2 years ago, I learned on the treacherous roads of Edmonton, Alberta. I’ve seen car accidents before my very eyes that could have been avoided had the person taken small steps ahead of time. I’ve hit an unavoidable deer on the highway before, but thats the extent of it thanks to some techniques i’ve picked up in my driving career. Lets get into the meat and potatoes of it!

– Maintain a safe following distance. Now this doesn’t mean stop two city blocks in advance, it means that based on your speed you should allow for specific distances. The slower the closer, the faster the farther. Seems simple.

– Accelerate and brake slowly. If you’re in a rush, punching the gas pedal will only take you longer to get there. Spinning your wheels is very common. Learn the amount of gas and brake you need to apply based on your vehicles weight and if its rear, front or 4 wheel drive.

– Winter means less daylight. Winter also means the dark rolls in on you in the blink of an eye. You should be driving with your headlights on at ALL TIMES. Being seen is crucial to your vehicles safety and more importantly, your safety!

– Pop your vehicle into neutral if you start sliding. Ever notice that when you’re in drive and you’re not touching the gas, your vehicle will slowly inch forward. Well thats cause cars are designed to have forward momentum. Popping your vehicle into neutral will allow for a lot more steering control and will result in the car not wanting to naturally move forward. *** This one has personally saved me from accidents big and small, countless times. ***

And Remember, driving too slow makes you a hazard. Keep up to the natural flow of traffic!