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AirwavesWeddingDj_MensChristmasGrooming kits always come in handy. Things like all in 1 shavers and trimers are a popular buy. I find mine is always decent, but theirs always a better/cooler/more efficient one on the market. A new one every couples or few years is actually quite necessary.

iPad minis have actually become quite popular and practical. Especially if he is constantly involved with meetings and things of that nature. They’re great for recreational use too. Either way its sure to keep him happy way past christmas. I was skeptical about my iPad at first, wasn’t sure if I would use it. My mind changed pretty quickly!

The new Cannon Powershot is pretty nifty for the photo enthusiast. Its incredibly compact design makes for easy use and ease when transporting or stashing it. I know what you’re thinking though, “he has an iphone/android”. Now although these devices have great cameras (android more so then apple products like the iPhone) these devices still cant match the power and clarity of a product like this thats specifically designed to take pictures!

iPod docks are hot items too. I find myself using mine constantly. Before i go out on weekends, when i’m eating dinner or entertaining, and when I shower. They can be put to good use whenever you’re home. The new Bose one is a great idea. Their sound quality can’t be beat, and all though their products get a little higher in price, it comes with the guarantee and the long term use. You will never find yourself needing to replace or upgrade and more importantly, should you happen to get the lemon of the bunch, Bose has a great reputation of fixing quickly or getting a new one out to you! You can buy with confidence.