22 Nov

Don’t Count Out The Cupcake Wedding Cake – Airwaves Victoria –

AirwavesWeddingDJCupcakesYes, I know that the wedding cake is traditional and is a major part of the wedding. I am not here to argue that. The wedding cake is a main feature and known sign of a wedding. However, if your one that wants something different, or is open to exploring new ideas, then don’t count out the often over looked cupcake. The cup cake will show up to your wedding with 4 gleaming pros:

1. Cupcakes Are Easier To Transport

Cupcakes can be moved individualy, which in turn preserves the decoration and style of the cupcake. With cakes, although un often, they can be damaged, or god forbid, destroyed on the way to the reception hall. Don’t let that scare you away, but its something you can keep in mind.

2. Cupcakes Are Much Easier To Serve

With individual cupcakes, you can have guests go pick one up at their leisure. Saving you from having to slice and dice a 3 Foot cake. Plus, some venues will charge a cake cutting fee. Pfft, better luck next time!

3. More Flavours!

Pretty self explanatory. You want Vanilla, but your partner wants chocolate? Crisis Averted.

4. Decoration

By decoration i’m referring to the fact that you aren’t stuck with half a piece of pastry flower and a couple hacked up cake decorations. Each cupcake can contain a whole look or message without having to be cut up. You can put entire decorations on each cupcake individually or get more creative and put various decorations on various cupcakes.

In the end, i’m not trying to turn anyone off from the traditional cake. After all, they’re both just slabs of butter and sugar that we eat with a guilty conscience and justify it by saying we’re celebrating. We’re essentially arguing the way they’re served, portioned, cut and distributed. Its just a new spin on the traditional cake that might tickle your fancy!