12 Dec

Christmas Host Gift Ideas – Airwaves Music Christmas Tips –

AirwavesMusic_HostGiftsBeing the host of a christmas party or feast is a tall order. The amount of planning can add a significant amount of stress to the already stressful holiday season. While adding stress it also adds an influx to the budget of the host or hostess. Bringing something to the party to help out can go a long way with the party host. Especially if it is an item that can relieve some of this holiday stress.

– Holiday Decor – this is a pretty broad subject. It can reach as far as christmas ornaments, to table settings. Be creative. Find something of use at a kitchen or home store that can make things easier on the cooking or decorating process.

– Christmas Treats – Baking can be quite time consuming. Organize with the host that you will pick up and supply baked goods for the party. This will save the host tonnes of time and work to his or her advantage. Plus everyone likes christmas cookies… right?

– Seasonal Beverages – This can be anything from coffee to beer. Coffees come in great seasonal flavours, such as ginger bread or mint. The same goes for beer and liquor. A lot of holiday flavours roll in around this time of year for brief periods. Capitalize on them and allow your host to use them that very night should that spark their fancy!

– Glassware – Shot glasses, wine glasses, beer glasses, you really cant miss. Anything of that nature is typically pretty acceptable, especially if they’re holiday decorated.

Stores like The Bay, Home Sense and Sears have a surprising amount of fantastic holiday gifts. It can be almost over whelming. Staying away from typical things like a bottle of wine or chocolates just means you can save those items for future parties that don’t have a holiday theme. Especially if you’ve boughten a gift for this host or hostess before at this time of year.