28 Nov

Buying Bulk, Saving On Wedding Costs – Airwaves Victoria –

AirwavesWeddingDJBuyingBulkBuying bulk is usually a great option. For anything in life. Well, maybe not anything, but for basic things like groceries and our friends at Costco, it can be a great way to stick to or beat your budget! This can also apply to your wedding. Things like center pieces, can be made for cheap with a little creativity.

Buying a handful of wedding magazines can give you a lot of do it yourself tips. Center pieces are a big one. Some bridal shops and boutiques will offer you a discounted rate if you buy items in bulk. Its something you can certainly talk to them about too. Making an arts and crafts day, with friends, to come up with center piece ideas and then to buy bulk and make them can take the strain off your wallet. as opposed to having them made or buying pre made extravagant ones. Its a little more time consuming, but if you’re feeling confident about the time thats been allotted to you to plan, then go for it.

Another area that can apply to this is bridesmaid dresses. If you’re nimble enough with your fingers, sewing your own can be a great way to save, and have the exact look, feel and color you want. In regards to buying bulk, their are a lot of boutiques that will give you a discounted rate based on the amount you’ve purchased. The same goes for the internet. A riskier move, based on a dress not fitting a girl, but if you have a good chunk of time to return and receive a new dress, then that is a great way to go too.

This mentality can be applied to a lot of aspects of a wedding. Just make sure you don’t sacrifice quality if you don’t need to