21 Nov

Bridal Show Tips and Tricks, Part 4 – Airwaves Music Victoria –

Part 3 of my 4 part series can be found by CLICKING HERE

AirwavesWeddingDjExpoPut your phone to good use. And by phone, I mean a feature. The camera. Don’t be afraid to take photos of specific people or items you would like to remember or inquire about at a later date.

Don’t be afraid to make two trips. Spending the money on going twice can work to your advantage in the end if you can take a handful of items of your to-do list. Now, to add to this, bring your fiance the second time. A mans ideal day doesn’t include spending countless hours at a bridal expo, how ever, they typically like to get involved in the wedding and help. If their are any items or topics that you’re unsure about, or cant decide on, get his opinion when you go the second time. Have specific booths pick out you would like him to see. He’s a part of this wedding too and might be able to make a definitive choice.

A lot of expos offer give aways, draws and contests. If time allows you to, take part! Winning 200$ off catering or a free cake sounds pretty good. Also, it looks way better when the money and budget start getting thin after the wedding is over or nearing its end. Some one has to win these things. Why not you?!

If you have a vendor at the show booked, ask for partner referrals. You can periodically get money off by booking with the parter of a certian company. Don’t be afraid to ask, you have nothing to loose.

All in all, when all is said and done, just have fun. Don’t stress. Enjoy a day with your friends and embrace this happy time. Its over before you even know it, so take advantage of these festivities and high spirits!