AirwavesWeddingDj_ChristmasDebtThis is part 2 of my Christmas debt series. If you missed part one, you can catch it by CLICKING HERE

Christmas Can be a stressful time of year on the ol’ credit card. You can minimize the damage by this series of tips!

When braving the chaos that is your local shopping mall. Make a list, check it twice, then don’t get anything else. Make a list of where you can find the items and stick to those stores. Feel free to ask employees if they have the item in stock and where in the store you can find it. They’re there to help you. That way, you can avoid having your eyes wander over to something thats not needed.

Before creating your budget for christmas gifts, pay any outstanding bills! This includes your gas bill, TV and internet bill, any bill that you have out standing or coming before the holidays. Your funds will be limited come January, and you don’t need payment notices pilling up at your door for december and earlier. Stay one step ahead.

Banks offer over draft for bank accounts. If necessary, that route will be cheaper then taking out a cash loan. Avoid taking out a cash loan from a third party corporation at all costs. the interest rates keep them in business for a reason.

Avoid using your credit card in the first place. Stick to debit or cash. That way interest rates wont sink you over the coming months and you wont be tempted to spend more then you actually have available.

If you are paying with credit, do everything in your power to pay as much back as possible. That’s always a fee people forget about. Look into short term loans, sometimes they are more advantageous than putting it on credit. You can find more info here. Minimize the damage of getting hit with interest.

With all these negatives and thoughts of money, above else, enjoy time with friends and family and have a merry christmas. They like spending time with you because its you!