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13 Dec

Tis The Season To Drive Safe! – Airwaves Music –

As someone that lived in Canada my whole life, i’ve seen it all. I talk in terms of winter. I currently spend my driving time in the city of Vancouver but up until 2 years ago, I learned on the treacherous roads of Edmonton, Alberta. I’ve seen car accidents before my very eyes that could… View Article
12 Dec

Christmas Host Gift Ideas – Airwaves Music Christmas Tips –

Being the host of a christmas party or feast is a tall order. The amount of planning can add a significant amount of stress to the already stressful holiday season. While adding stress it also adds an influx to the budget of the host or hostess. Bringing something to the party to help out can… View Article
10 Dec

Christmas Gift Etiquette – Airwaves Music Victoria – Christmas Edition

Believe it or not, it exists. Christmas gift etiquette is a thing. We often forget about the way we should be receiving and giving gifts. We all have that one friend or family member that thinks its hilarious to shake the gift when you’re yelling at him or her not to. Which leads me into… View Article
9 Dec

The Top Gifts For Men 2013, Part 2 – Airwaves Music Victoria –

Part 1 can be FOUND HERE if you missed it! Grooming kits always come in handy. Things like all in 1 shavers and trimers are a popular buy. I find mine is always decent, but theirs always a better/cooler/more efficient one on the market. A new one every couples or few years is actually quite… View Article