14 Nov

Wedding Thank You, Part 2 – Airwaves Vancouver –

Part One Can Be FOUND HERE 

AirwavesWeddingDJThankYouDo I send out a thank you to my friend who attended my wedding but didn’t bring a gift?

No matter what the scenario or relationship, you should send out a thank-you letter to every guest that attended. In a lot of cases with people traveling great distances and spending great amounts of money to attend, that is the gift. Having a wedding isn’t about what you receive after the fact, its about sharing in this joyful moment with the ones you care about. You should always show your gratitude regardless.

Can i send out my thank-you letters with a pre-printed message?

Etiquette now calls for thank you notes to be received within three months of the wedding. A lot of couples like to send their notes out with a photo that they took specifically for the card. If you can organize with your photographer to receive this edited photo before hand then great, send it along with a hand printed and individually based message including a reference to their gift and a moment you two shared at the wedding. If time is of the essence and your photographer has taken too long to get back to you with the photos then it is acceptable, but frowned upon. People typically wont look at you any differently because it was preprinted, but a hand written and “in the moment” thank you does go a long way.

A wedding thank you does need to follow any specific guidelines when you put it into perspective. All you really need to remember is just speak from your heart and be sincere. Remember that you might only have this joyful occasion once in your life and to embrace and enjoy it. Be thankful that these people got to share it with you and be a part of it. Thats something that can not be taken away.