AirwavesWeddingDJ_MensGiftMen can be quite tricky to buy gifts for. It seems the the older they get, the more difficult it becomes. If they don’t have a favourite sports team too, that just makes it even harder. Theirs a lot of trends i’m seeing this christmas and they include some of the following:

Minimal and outside of the box watches are definitely in. I know, the watch seems cliche and typical, but thats only what people think. Brands like Komono, and Nixon always have unique and gnarly designs.

Basis Watches and the Nike Fuel bracelets are a huge hit for the gym rats. If the male in your life is frequently at the gym or exercising, then this is just for him!

If he hasn’t already bought it, the newish game “Grand Theft Auto 5” is regarded as one of the best video games ever made. If he owns an xbox or ps3, then thats a very viable option.

Headphones are a great option too. Especially if he’s someone that has to walk an above average distance, like to and from work or anything of that nature. Theirs no specific brand I recommend, its essentially the higher the dollar amount, the higher the quality. Attempt to stay away from shops like Best Buy and Future Shop when purchasing them, instead, go to music stores like Long & Mcquade. They will know a lot more about what you’re trying to buy, and the quality of product will be exponentially higher, without the price tag.

Electronics of any sort really can’t miss. Sniff around online for things you can buy him. Although they might seem typical, they will still enjoy and appreciate them. Video games, iPod docks and anything of that nature are always in style. Worst case scenario he can swap it out for something else at the store he will want.