How do I find a good wedding DJ?


How to Hire A Great Fusion Wedding DJ

A fusion wedding is the blending of two or more cultures and is very popular here in Kelowna, Vancouver, and other areas throughout Canada. After all, Canada has a very diverse population with people from all different cultures calling Canada home.

Should I hire a DJ for my wedding?

If you are about to take the plunge with someone from a difficult cultural upbringing, it is essential to ensure your ceremony and reception incorporate every aspect of your respective cultures and traditions that are important to both of you.

For instance, there can be a specific order to how the first official dance as a married couple is performed. You may also have differences in what styles of music and dances you enjoy. As such, it is worth your time to find the best wedding DJ to create a fusion dance party you and your guests will be taking about for years to come.

How do I find a good wedding DJ?

Step 1: Start Your Search for the Right DJ

You can start searching for fusion wedding DJs as soon as you are engaged. You do not have to have an official date this early in the search. Your objective is to find DJs that have experience performing at fusion weddings and start narrowing down your selections from there.

Step 2: Ask for Referrals

If you are having a hard time finding a fusion wedding DJ, consider asking co-workers, friends, and relatives for recommendations. You may have already been at a fusion wedding where the DJ had everyone dancing and having a good time all night long, but do not remember who the bride and groom selected.

Step 3: Hire a Professional

This is where some couples go wrong when making their final choice of a DJ to perform at their wedding reception. They see a new DJ performing at a club or other event and think they would be great for their wedding.

What the couple may not know is while the new DJ does great at clubs and certain events, they are not as well-versed at weddings. However, this is not to say a hot and upcoming DJ may not be ideal for your wedding. Just make sure they are professional and fully understand your fusion wedding needs and requirements.

Step 4: Ask for References

You will want to ask any wedding DJ you are considering hiring for a list of references, especially those where they performed at prior fusion weddings. Make it a point to contact at least two of the references on the list. Ask the couple how much they enjoyed the DJ and whether the DJ met their performance needs in a professional manner.

Step 5: Get It in Writing

Once you have picked the DJ you want to hire, make sure to draw up a contract and put everything in writing. Even if something seems trivial, but is an important part of your wedding reception performance, include it in the contract.

Find the best Wedding DJ

Finding the best fusion wedding DJ to perform at your wedding is not difficult when you get help from Airwaves Music and our professional DJs. Our DJs regularly perform at fashion shows, events, nightclubs and other venues when not performing at weddings. Please feel free to call us at 1-866-794-4302 today!


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