21 Nov

Bridal Show Tip And Tricks, Part 3 – Airwaves Music Vancouver –

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A lot of the bookings you’ll make leading up to your wedding will be based off your gut or a good feeling. With so many vendors to choose from in each area of your wedding, initiate conversation with them and make a point of seeing what kind of feeling you get from them. You don’t need to be stressing about a vendors reliability on your big day.

Make a day out of the expo. Some expos especially in Vancouver, Calgary and larger cities can get overwhelming with over 400 exhibitors. Plan to make a day of it. Put aside a good 4, 5 even 6 or more hours to really get what you want out of it. Ensuring you get the most out of it goes hand in hand with being calm and taking your time.

Bring friends and/or family. This one is key. With so many exhibitors vying for your money, it can be a hard decision to make. Having you friends and people in your wedding party present to pitch in with their two cents and help sway you into a certain direction. Obviously the decision is ultimately yours, but if you caught on the fence, they can be a huge help.

All though not totally necessary and time can effect this one. Try visiting every both. You might be surprised by some of the unique ideas a both has to offer that you normally would have ignored. You owe it to yourself to at least hear them out and see what they’re made of.

Keep your eyes peeled for design ideas. This is implied by the fact that you’re going, but write down smaller details. Arrangement of flowers you see that appeal to you. Things like color and type. Just an example.

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