How To Do SEO For Your Wedding Business

By Vancouver Wedding DJ Company, Airwaves Music


SEO can be confusing. Most people don’t even know what it is. You definitely wouldn’t expect the owner of a local Vancouver DJ company to understand it! Some people will tell you that you can’t manipulate google and deny SEO exists at all, while others pay thousands a month for it. I myself am sorry to say that I have been all of these people. Basically, I’ve been SEO-obsessed for a little over 2 years now.

That all changed when recently, I attended a conference with some of the world’s top SEO experts. And yes, I mean the best there is, like the guy who does the SEO for Wal-Mart, or another guy who does the SEO for Bank of America. It doesn’t get much bigger than that! I even met someone who got their rank to #1 for the keyword “Hot Tub” in only a year and a half. That’s no easy task!

I obviously can’t give away all the secrets, but I think that this blog post should be a great start if you own a local wedding or events business. So, without further adieu, here is a 6 point list on how to get your wedding company to be #1 on Google… Or at least how to get started.

(Keep in mind, these are only a few of the things you will need to do, but a great starting point!)

1) Get real “likes” and “shares” on Facebook and get followers on Twitter and other social media. Engage those followers and friends. Facebook is calculated as a ranking algorithm on Google now, so this is a big deal.

2) Get videos and pictures online and constantly update them as much as possible. Google loves fresh content and potential customers like to see examples of past work you’ve done.

3) Blog whenever you can. Don’t just blog about nonsense. Blog about things that matter to you and your readers. Do this regularly and google will “crawl” your site more. Why do you think we did this how-to-guide? Hopefully you can post it on other blogs and share it to all your friends in the business. Now that’s some small business SEO!

4) Build real, high quality links. Don’t trade links, or buy them, but really focus on creating things of value that people will want to share with their friends. When someone links to your blog post, social media page, or how-to article, that is basically an SEO point, telling google that you’re important and worth ranking. Remember, you need lots of points to win the race to the top of the rankings.

5) Get involved in local associations like the BBB etc. They will give you a high quality, credible link that you can use to link to other sites. Different links are worth different amounts. The most credible links are from major authorities. For example, CNN would be a better link that the local newspaper. 1 link from a really credible source is worth more than a lot more links from a non-credible source.

6) Read the Google SEO Guide! You can find it here: SEO STARTER GUIDE. Get your on-page, technical-SEO sorted out because that is half the battle. It’s not hard to do and it’s worth the effort.

Now you might be wondering why I posted all of this. I did it because it drove me crazy and I wish someone showed me at least where to begin with it. There are a lot more. In fact, it is now estimated that Google checks over 500 different “signals” to decide how a website should rank among it’s competitors. Either way, we want to help local businesses like ours succeed online, so to the dedicated few who take this advice and actually do it-good luck! Also, feel free to message us on facebook if you have questions at:



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