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22 Oct

Where Is Dance Music Headed?

With dance musics meteoric rise, a lot of people are asking, where will it go? ┬áDance music seems to be everywhere these days. Through the course of an average day you’re bound to hear at least one 4-4 beat coming... View Article

18 Sep

Karma and Why It Matters

By Kamloops DJ Company Airwaves Music Today had me thinking a lot about Karma. We are busy putting together our roster of wedding DJs in Kamloops and it seems that everyone in the city knows each other in some way.... View Article

14 Sep

How To Do SEO For Your Wedding Business

  How To Do SEO For Your Wedding Business By Vancouver Wedding DJ Company, Airwaves Music   SEO can be confusing. Most people don’t even know what it is. You definitely wouldn’t expect the owner of a local Vancouver DJ... View Article

27 May

What Do DJs Do Anyway?

This is the beginning of a series of articles that we will be writing to help people understand more about DJing, specifically, wedding DJs. After recently hiring 2 brides onto our staff (one in sales and one as a music... View Article