6 Mar

Winona Phillips

I have been a wedding coordinator in the Okanagan Valley for 4 years and it is ALWAYS a pleasure to work with DJ Les! I ask for him for every wedding and tell everyone who consults me to call and ask for him! This past season my Roller Derby League asked Les to help us out for our games in town and EVERYONE was extremely impressed with him! Two full teams of players actually stopped during a group photo to sign along to a wicked song he put on!!! I’ve never seen this before and I have never heard so many amazing comments about a DJ at a sporting event 🙂 He masterfully moves the music around the game and keeps the party going! This season marked my retirement and my last wedding was with Les, I couldn’t have been happier! I got to hang out with my buddy! Thank-you to Bob and Les for your friendship over the years in this busy and amazing wedding industry!