6 Mar

Conor Mounce

We were looking into DJ’s for our wedding and were recommended to look into Airwaves. When I first reached out to them, they were highly responsive and answered all the questions I had. I was actually quite surprised how quick they were to respond. It became clear that they were the one to go with based on the first interactions and their price was reasonable. The online planning portal was easy to navigate and if I was confused with anything, they were quick to respond to help me out.

When time came to meet with our DJ, DJ Owen, we were impressed by his sense of humour, professionalism, and knowledge regarding music and what to play and what not to play at a wedding. We knew that we were in good hands and left a lot to his discretion.

During the wedding, we couldn’t be more impressed. All the custom songs we asked for were played and everything we needed played at a certain time was done on time. During the dancing segments, he was able to adapt to what the crowd was interested in and he had people dancing at all times (which surprised us because our families and friends are not typically known to dance a lot). Overall we highly recommend Airwaves and DJ Owen for your wedding