6 Mar

Brianna Hribar

The whole process with Airwaves was smooth from start to finish. They communicated with us promptly and effectively from the time we booked them, over a year before our wedding! The online planning tools make it super easy to ensure you have all the right music for the right parts of your wedding, and there were a lot of parts I didn’t even think of! Les was our DJ for our ceremony and reception and he rocked our wedding so hard! Hands down would not have been the same night without him! From our first meeting before the wedding we knew he was a pro – Les had great recommendations for so many things we didn’t even consider. He suggested we play some Slovenian music (I’m the first Canadian generation on my dad’s side) which had my dad, cousins, great aunts/uncles, you name it – and most importantly my grandparents out-dancing people half their age song after song and he encouraged us to add more of the music that we like as a couple, that we grew up listening to, that we were hesitant to play because it’s alternative and we didn’t think anyone else would want to hear it. Les was right and I wish I could post the videos to prove it!