School Dances/Proms

School dances have changed a lot over the years and these days they are starting to look a lot more like mini-dance festivals than your classic mental picture of a young 1950’s couple awkwardly slow dancing. At Airwaves, we love this trend because we believe in creating safe opportunities for young adults to experience partying and interacting with the opposite sex under careful supervision and responsible guidance. We think that you can be responsible and still have a great time and we do that by sending DJs that students can relate to. We don’t want the dance to be a bust, we want the students to be excited about it and have an amazing time!
Besides just offering modern DJs, playing current music, we also have some really cool options to enhance the dance itself. Some of our packages include 2 DJs instead of 1, with a live DJ battle. We also can bring in lasers, fog, bass bins and light to create a club/dance festival atmosphere in any location you want. We work with the students and prom council to ensure that we know the music the students want to hear and also coordinate with the teachers and parents to make sure we help to keep the evening flowing as planned. If you are looking for a responsible DJ company that will also show your students an unforgettable evening then Airwaves Music will be a great choice that the students will absolutely love!