With dance musics meteoric rise, a lot of people are asking, where will it go?

 Dance music seems to be everywhere these days. Through the course of an average day you’re bound to hear at least one 4-4 beat coming out of a passing car or businesses sound system (My current locations coffee shop has a standard House beat playing at this exact moment). The popularity of this genre and all the sub-genres attached to it has seemingly popped up over night. With “dance” music flourishing in North America its hard to think it wont continue on this path. Hip Hop and Top 40 artists and tracks have embraced this coming wave and incorporated sounds once only heard in “rave” type scenarios. This causes people to open their minds to dance music, when they would only ever have listened to Hip Hop or what ever genre they were into, respectively. This has caused exponential growth that European countries saw all through the nineties and even eighties.

I cant see the genre dying out, even though some styles and sounds are getting worn out. But with this happening, so many new genres and experimental styles of music are popping up, almost weekly to fill the voids of artists past.

Its hard to say exactly what direction this broad genre is going to take. Especially with the ever changing music scene. But it seems as though it is here to stay. Or at least thats what this blogger thinks.