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AirwavesMusic_OfficeParty3Pick A Theme

Based on your party size, more often then not it is impossible to please everyone in attendance. It is ultimately a judgement call to what you think will fit your office attendees the best. Don’t pick a theme or activity you yourself will enjoy more then the office, pick something that pertains to the office as a whole. The office party is about your employees having a good time. That should be your top priority from start to finish.

– Sporting events can be a great activity. You can almost always get discounted rates on tickets to events based on larger numbers. If you have an office of sport enthusiasts then this one applies to you!

– Bowling. Sounds cheesy, but can be fun. Gets people out of their comfort zone and allows for easier social interaction. Find a bowling alley that has a liquor license so you can have a couple to stay loose!

– Comedy clubs follow the same guidelines as the sporting event point above. A lot of places will offer a discounted rate for larger groups. Inquire about it. These are typically a good fit for all groups.

– Laser tag. Doing something active and geared more towards children can be a fun way to have people come out of their shells. Even if they’ve never done it before, the added competition factor can really help your employees open up and look forward to a new activity they’ve either never tried or haven’t done in ages!

– No matter the location, a gift swap is a great idea. Secret Santa and Yankee Swap are the two main ones. When doing Yankee swap (or what ever its called, theirs a handful of different names for it) make sure everyone is clear on the rules and theirs a price limit and guidelines set in stone. If you’re planning on Yankee Swap, make sure your ideas for for corporate gifts are universally appealing – so that Sandy in accounting doesn’t get an ornamental desk tag labelled Jim.