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– Don’t shy away from having a company cater or organize the party. This can relieve some of the stress on the planner and give people an added reason to attend. As in a popular restaurant serving the food.

– Serve alcohol. This doesn’t mean get wild and ransack the place. It means encourage people to have a couple drinks and let loose. This will allow people to relax and will make the social aspect roll a lot easier and be more organic. However, DO NOT allow people to bring their own liquor. Either have it supplied, or have a cash bar.

– If space isn’t a restriction, encourage people to bring their loved ones or a guest along. Meet the people that influence your co workers outside of work. This can really allow for a friendship to grow between you and your co workers that might be more on the defensive, shy and “keep to themselves” side.

– When executing the above tip, make sure to keep your budget in mind. Ask if your guests need a +1 or more so you can have a rough idea on the size and budget of your party. More people = more money. Keep that in mind.

– Your employees will ALWAYS see you as a boss first. Theirs not a whole lot you can do about it. However, you can be social, and talk about things other then work. Keep any wise cracks and jokes about their job performance  or anything of that nature to a minimum. Act as if you’re one of the employees and open up to them, this will in turn allow them to open up to you!

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