Things To Keep In Mind

– Make a point of not organizing the party in your place of work. Nothing screams work like the office you sit in all day. Book it at a private room in a restaurant or bar, even a hotel bar or lobby, or anywhere of that nature. Just keep it off site so that people don’t feel they’re being called in to work over time.

– Don’t force it. Even though it’s ideal to see people exit their comfort zones and just relax and enjoy themselves, don’t force it on them. If they don’t want to sing, wear a specific sweater or do anything of that nature, then that’s up to them. They should feel comfortable, and do things to the beat of their own drum. Remember that the party is about the office as a whole, not just the boss or person throwing it.

– Don’t talk about work. Leave work talk to work hours. Talk about your personal lives and interests that pertain to you and your co-workers.

– Make everyone feel involved. If theirs a department or individual that is on the road a lot, new, or works at another branch/area, get them involved. Make everyone feel apart of the party as a whole. Be weary as to not single anyone out though.

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