1. Wow from the inside. Making your gathering a memorable starts with the interior of your establishment. Its not so much about going over the top as it is about getting all the basics covered. Decorations around the main areas your guests will be is a priority, as well as making your feast or appetizer table very festive. After all, thats why everyones there. If you have a flexible budget, feel free to go over the top on the tree. Thats the symbol of christmas or in other words, the centre piece of your place as a whole.

2. Wow the outside. To what extent you decorate your exterior depends on your tastes. If you’re the person on your block that keeps everyone up at night with 10,000+ lightbulbs, then do your thing! If you’re going to be hosting an event at your place, at least be sure to have a strand of lights or two. On a side note, sand or salt the side walks and the path to your entrance. You don’t need the first guests that leave to be in an ambulance.

3. Know whats in your pantry. Be sure to have an abundance of secondary foods on hand. Hummus, crackers, christmas cookies, things of that nature. Why? First of all decide how long your guests will be present until you have the main feast, supply accordingly. Second, if your turkey or ham takes longer to cook then expected or anything of that nature, at least your guests wont be at your throat due to hunger.

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