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5. Make a theme. The most common and seemingly popular christmas party theme appears to be the “ugly christmas sweater” party. Wearing a knitted christmas theme sweater that has goofy additions like pom pom’s and even christmas lights is typically a smash hit. While on the topic of setting an atmosphere and theme to your gathering, don’t forget to set the mood with music. The classics are the classics for a reason. Their seasonal, don’t be afraid to play them. Of course when i say “them”, i’m referring to christmas carols and christmas albums. My favourite at christmas though, especially when eating, is Frank Sinatra. Christmas or not, that man just had christmas written all over his voice.

6. Finish with a personal touch. More importantly I speak of doing things like gingerbread houses and things of that nature. Be creative and choose a do it yourself project. If you want to up the ante, do something of that nature as a group. You can buy giant gingerbread houses that can be decorated as a group, or make a wreath as a group effort. This is sure to loosen everyone up, as well as make your gathering more memorable. Things of this nature really cant miss, and if you feel silly doing them, then just use the holiday spirit as an excuse to come out of your shell!