OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs we all know, music has the unique power to control our emotions. It can amplify the feeling of sorrow, happiness, energy or what ever the circumstance calls for. Ive learned over the years not to listen to music based on how you feel, but how you want to feel. Way to often for so many of us, we listen to music based on the mood we are in at any given moment. If were angry we listen to heavy rock or intense hip hop music. If were tired or slow on our way to work we listen to something soft or more mellow. Dont get me wrong, sometimes you’re just in the mood to listen to a specific genre or feeling of music. But from experience ive learned to listen to music to take me out of a bad or specific mood, and put me into another mood that i want to be in.

If i’m in the morning grind – tired, sucking down a coffee and trying to wake up. Putting on Kings of Leon or an equally soft counterpart isn’t gonna help me get to where i want to be. All though it fits the mood i’m in, soft, early, mellow, it has to be ramped up to help me wake up. Same goes for when i’m angry. Personally, when i’m in a bad mood, i find myself playing some of Eminem’s more vulgar and angry music. But as an hour flies by, i find myself still pist off and in a negative state of mind. Their is a time and place for this, and it may feel good to listen to at the moment, but I always almost find myself listening to Mumford & Sons and in a more positive and calmer light.

Like i stated earlier, every brand, style and feeling of a music has its time and place. But using musics power of emotional control over your mood can go an incredibly long way in the way you’re feeling though the course of the day. Use it to your advantage!