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If your house or apartment is the gathering location for a holiday feast or party, order cabs at the end of the evening. Making sure that your party goers don’t get intoxicated and drive home is crucial. Avoid drunk driving this holiday season. A Christmas tragedy is a scary thing. Be reminded that the holidays come with frequent check stops. That should deter you as well.

– This one comes as more common sense then a tip, but be weary of candles. The holiday season does tend to have a more mood based setting. Light candles to your hearts content, just make a point of what you’ve lit and where. Be sure to blow them out upon the nights ending.

– Remember that if your house is not the location of the holiday feast or gathering that it may not be child proof. Be sure to keep an eye on your little ones should this point apply to you.

– On the topic of little ones, be sure to buy gifts within the designated age range of the child. Buying an over the top electronic could mean small parts or a contained electrical current.

– If you purchase a living tree, be sure to strip the bark and wet the bottom where you’ve stripped. This will be beneficial in two ways. First, it will cause the tree to live longer and not brown before christmas even arrives, and second, it will fill the tree with water and moisture, thus making it less of a fire hazard.

The list of safety tips is essentially endless. A lot of which are just common sense. If something seems sketchy or un-safe this holiday season, avoid it. Theirs no point in taking a risk, especially when the risk is far greater then the reward.