Christmas is a very happy, merry and joyous time of the season. Make a point of not making this years one to forget. Christmas can bring a lot of hazards with it. From things like christmas lights, to ice, to decorations, theirs a handful of things we all know to do, but might periodically forget…

Make sure your christmas lights are a safe and reliable brand. All christmas lights that meet mandatory safety regulations will be marked with a symbol or listing that they are up to code. Make a point of looking for this. Saving a few bucks on christmas lights will mean nothing when you loose all your possessions to a not so festive fire.

– While on the topic of finding products that meet safety regulations, it never hurts to check that artificial tree you have sitting in the front window. Most of them are now designed to be fire resistant. This is a huge thing to look for as ones that don’t have this label are susceptible to the hot christmas lights you have heating up and resting on them all day and night.

– Another tree tip. Make a note of what the lower hanging branches are touching. Fake or real. If you have a heat register, radiator, or anything of that nature below and behind your tree, make sure their is safe clearance from it. That goes the same for any other decorations that might be hanging. This can also be applied to electrical sockets and electronics that carry a current. Why risk it? An inch or two could make the difference of a merry christmas and a miserable christmas.

– Salt your side walks. They can get extremely slick. This applies even more to those of you hosting parties and gathering that will have a lot of side walk foot traffic!

Be even safer, more tips can be FOUND HERE!