Birthdays are a great time to celebrate and the perfect opportunity to celebrate life itself. Airwaves Music can help ensure that you get the most out of your birthday party celebration. With attention to detail and the right choice of music, our entertainers can take your birthday celebration to the next level.

Our energetic, entertaining, and professional DJ’s will play music of any style for any age group. From elegant, formal events to zany, interactive dances, we can cover the entire musical spectrum to ensure the success of your birthday party.

Celebrate With Us

Celebrating birthdays is very important for most people. However, each person celebrates a milestone such as 21st, 30th, 50th or 90th. In Airwaves Music, we’ll be more than happy to celebrate with you these special events. A few easy ideas can turn your special birthday party into a memorable celebration for both the honoree and your guests. A birthday celebration at any of any milestone age is essential. The celebrant may not feel as young as he/she used to and will welcome a celebration.

Our Philosophy

Our job is to connect people through music, people have used music and dance to strengthen their relationships. While we’ve come a long way since then, the power of music, wine and a good time are still just as strong. Spinning records is fun, but our real passion is bringing people closer together through music.

Your music should reflect your personal style, at your event, many of your guests may be meeting for the very first time. Hiring a team that takes the time to understand your unique style will put everyone at ease.

-Working with a team is a better experience, when you first inquire with us, you’ll talk to our Music Advisor. They’ll learn all about your vision for your event, and then match you with a DJ that fits your style. Next, you’ll meet your Event Manager and DJ who will help you plan the music and ensure the entire process is seamless. Don’t settle for just a DJ when you can have an entire team for the same price.

Create An Awesome Birthday Party

When you hire Airwaves, you’re hiring an entire behind the scenes team, not just a single DJ. Together we’ve helped a multitude of people from diverse backgrounds to come together and dance late into the night. At the end of the night, as your guests are leaving, we’re here to make sure their night is memorable for the right reasons.