As an industry thats starting to get progressively more flooded with DJ’s and electronic music shows, its a good sign to see that rock bands and music can still compete. You will always have fans on the genre, but I cant help but feel its progressively fading. With the rise of dance music becoming ever so popular, i cant help but feel its only a matter of time till Rock music becomes dominant again. It usually only takes one or at most a small handful of artists to bring new life and a new feel to any genre.

I see musical tastes and popularity like the stock market. It fluctuates.

Any genre that looses popularity over time, will in fact regain popularity. This doesn’t necessarily apply to specific bands, but on a more broad and genre based spectrum. You see new hybrids of swing music coming back in, as well as folk music has started opening its doors again and found itself on a main stream and grand stage. These genres never die, they just sort of go on a so call hiatus.

Check ticketmaster for dates of these concerts and bust out that old character filled leather jacket.