For Corporate Clients

Since Airwaves was first founded in 2006, we’ve always had a relationship with national brands and corporate clients. We have worked at events like Tough Mudder, the BMO Marathon, Telus Fest and many others throughout British Columbia and Alberta.

We are strong believers in the power of viral marketing and believe this is best done through building relationships with “brand influencers”. In every industry and market there are influencers. These people are no stranger to companies like yours who on a daily basis target niche community events to gain influencer support at the local level.

The biggest influencers of all are our DJs and Musicians, who have already gained the support of hundreds of members of the local community in their niche. Partnered with the natural community building power that music inherently has, pairing a brand campaign with a live DJ or Band has proven to be a powerful combination time and time again.

Airwaves Music recognizes that your brand is unique and that your event is unique. We create custom options and programs designed to fit into your brand’s image, values and demographic.

Here are some examples of what we provide:

  • Live DJs and Bands at Brand Launch Parties
  • Entertainment for Marathons and Charity Fundraisers
  • In-Store DJs and Musicians for in-store executions and promotions
  • Performers to work with your seasonal street teams
  • Bands and DJs for Festivals and live concerts
  • Custom DJ Remixes and Playlists for use by your brand
  • Live DJ Lessons at your event
  • Performers customized to match your brand image and demographic
  • MCs for events or to work with your local representative at an event
  • Staging, lighting and sound equipment for your promotion
  • Custom music and performance packages, designed to create maximum hype around your next brand party

Get in touch with us today. We work with some of the biggest brands around, providing artists for their events throughout Western Canada.