Our Difference

This goes into the how we’re different:

At Airwaves, our difference is simple. There are lots of options for live entertainment out there. What we do is take all of the potential choices and put them through an intensive audition system until only the best, most professional performers are left.

From there, we work with our clients one on one to ensure we find them a performer who meets their exact style and personality. After that, we introduce you to a performer who is based locally in your area with experience in weddings, corporate parties, nightclubs and other events. The entire time you are in contact with your performer directly. From there, we work with you to ensure that planning the music for your event is handled by us in an organized, fun way.

If you book with Airwaves Music, there are no extra fees associated with using our services. We are the same price as our competitors. We pride ourselves on delivering on our promises and that’s why we work extremely diligently on a continual basis to ensure all of our performers are the very best in your area.

Selecting a DJ

Read about our 15 Step process we use to find you there very best.