Lounges & Restaurants

At Airwaves, we are the business of creating shared experiences through music. One of the most powerful ways to create an atmosphere is by choosing to work with a DJ who can communicate your brand message and restaurants’ style through music. Our DJs have worked with some of the most modern restaurants and lounges around and some of our clients include Earls, Joeys’ and Cactus Club. These industries recognize the power of music to create an atmosphere give their customers and additional point of focus in the restaurant.

Customers have lots of choices when going for a casual drink or meal. Many will chose to check out a spot that’s brand new or that has some kind of visual draw such as an ocean view. Others go based on the food and wine list or the reputation of the Chef. Adding a DJ can add an extra competitive advantage by showcasing your lounge or restaurant as modern, forward thinking and genuinely interesting.