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AirwavesWeddingDJThankYouWhat do we include in our thank-you notes?

Be sincere. Speak from the heart and make them feel happy they made the choice to attend. Make a point of commenting on what they were wearing or a laugh you shared in the evening, to make them feel appreciated. Thank them for their gift and if in this case its monetary, don’t mention the amount, but mention what you plan on using it towards. Make sure you write the letters to your guests and friends that showed up, and he should do likewise with his.

How long do i have after then wedding to send out my thank-you letters?

Ive heard and read that the traditional amount of allotted time was a year. That does not stand anymore. Typically you now have about 3 months form when the gift was received, even if it was before, during, or after the wedding. Make a point of making a list so that you don’t forget about people whose gifts you received at different times. If you’re already passed the three month grace period you should still send letters out. Make a point of adding an apology for the tardiness and add “in all the excitement of my new found wedding life, I fell behind (or forgot)”. Most of the time your guests will understand as you’re getting used to this new lifestyle that has been bestowed upon you.

Who Writes the thank-you notes?

Although a lot of people expect to receive a thank-you written from the bride, thats not the case anymore. Try slicing the work load down the middle and have the groom pick up a pen and send out thank-you notes to his guests. After all, he’s the one that knows them best and can relate and be the most sincere with them.


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