29 Oct

Wedding Guestbook Ideas

AirwavesGuestbookIdeasA wedding is something that a couple will never forget. Find quirky and fun ways to make that statement even truer, can be traced back to the guestbook. Seeing a list of attendees can be something to look back on in years to come. All though some might like the classic opening of a hard bound book, with a classic wedding line spelled out in glitter on the front, or a picture of the couple, it is not uncommon to see new cleaver ideas as guestbook signings. Taking an item that relates to both the bride and groom, then getting people to sign that can be a more memorable way of doing things. I recently learned about a couple that had a guitar as a guestbook. The back ground details were not supplied, but their was an obvious musical connection here.

Other fun ideas can include sea shells, maps, blanket squares, it really is essentially endless. With some quick brain storming ideas, its a way to spice up a classic wedding maneuver and give the guests something to talk about and remember.

The guestbook, that no longer includes the “book” portion, can also double over as a piece of home decor. Avoiding the stashing of it for years to come, its not a bad way of creating a new unique piece for that starter home, post wedding. Using fun little ideas like this can go a long way for the wedding and the amount guests remember the wedding. Loose the “book” portion, and see what it can do for you!