AirwavesMusic_ThriftyThe season of giving can also be the season of stress. In terms of time and in a monetary sense. Being thrifty during this time of year is nothing to shake your head at. It can really put the “merry” into merry christmas, when you find yourself stress free and with extra dough in your pockets.

When it comes to wrapping christmas presents, you can find all your needs at the dollar store. Paper can be found at a mere .99$ a roll, as can things like tape and scissors. Theirs no need to buy a 5$ roll of paper that is just going to get shredded and thrown in the garbage immediately. Setting a low budget for these types of things is really quite achievable.

Places like superstore offer coupons at the door. All the super stores I have been to have a large wall at the entrance that offers all the sales of the week. It is there to offer you savings and to use to your advantage. Do it. It can be hit or miss, but when you do find a handful of coupons that pertain to what your about to purchase, you can save a fortune.

Don’t just throw your fliers out. When you receive these often pesky fliers in the mail, breeze through them. You don’t have to put your head down and spend an hour blazing through them, but scan for items you intended to buy, or items that are on sale that can catch your eye. Often you can find that “tool kit” or that random electronic device significantly cheaper at a store during a one or two day sale. These fliers are often discarded, but are still trying to show you savings that can be made! Use them to your advantage. You can literally save hundreds just by picking up an item from one instead of the other one you intended to go to.