25 Oct

Nightclubs In Kelowna

KelownaNightOutFor the past two years i’ve had the luxury of touring down to Kelowna for one week in the summer to a festival call “The Center Of Gravity”. Its seen exponential growth in the past few years and has attracted huge names in the Electronic Dance Music industry like Tiesto and Kaskade. Familiar with these names or not, I found myself happy at the end of each festival night that i didn’t buy an actual ticket to these shows. With hotels sold out, city wide and months in advance you can imagine what this means for the nightlife industry. I sub-consciencely ┬ásound myself supporting my decision to not by a festival pass due to the unfathomable size of the lineup outside each and every nightclub that i had surpassed. Learning from my concert going experience before i went to this festival, i naturally presumed that nightly these shows would end roughly at 11-12, and never earlier. With the city swarming with youth I guessed correctly that going to these nightclubs before these concerts were let out would increase the enjoyment of my night immensely. Having friend that attended these shows, i learned that a two hour wait in a bar line up is what their nights ended up turning into.

Only having experience in Kelowna nightclubs during this chaotic portion of the year, i did enjoy my time. I found that with a little bit of sniffing around on google, i was able to dig up a bar/club that catered to my exact music needs every night. For a city that has just a fraction of the population and venues that a city like Vancouver does, I was impressed none the less.