21 Nov

Bridal Show Tips and Tricks, Part 2 – Airwaves Kelowna –

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AirwavesWeddingDjExpoConstruct a list of questions to ask. First and foremost, don’t just stand there listening to some pre constructed sales pitch. Although you’re going to have to do that at first, don’t be afraid to hit them with some tough questions. After all, thats what they’re there for. Don’t leave out details you want to know about, especially if you plan on booking them right then and there!

To save time, if the vendor you want to inquire about and receive more information is busy, then make a point of learning as much as you can so they don’t have to say it twice, wasting both yours and his time. Im not saying to intrude, but if he is giving his sales pitch to an interested party don’t be afraid to get in there with your party. This can answer a lot of questions you have without having to have him or her say it twice.

Shows can be chaotic and really over whelming. If you want to get more intimate and serious with a vendor, book a time to meet them! These vendors have places to meet, weather it be a home or a shop front. Book appointments, brainstorm more questions to ask and meet with them at a later date and in a more calm environment.

Don’t be afraid to circle more then once. Make a point of remembering which vendors you want to check out. Go around the entire expo at least once, and map out which vendors you want to inquire about. The last thing you need to do is hit each vendor your first time through and spend twenty minutes talking to them, just to find a vendor an hour later that appeals to you more and is cheaper.

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