AirwavesWeddingDj_ChristmasDebtChristmas can be a very happy and joy filled time of year. With lots of festive things to do and see it can get out of hand quite quickly. I talk of course in terms of a monetary sense. The price of living is doing nothing but going up, especially if you live in the fine city of Vancouver. However, cities like Kelowna and any city across the globe isn’t immune to it. Keeping your head above water in terms of christmas credit card debt can be difficult and make for a stressful winter.

Ive picked up a handful of tips that can really help you to not break the bank. Although spending money is really quite inevitable during this time of season, you can really yank on the hand break and put a cap on how far the damage will go. Some of those tips include:

Try to agree on a service you can provide for someone. Instead of buying a materialistic object for someone, consider cleaning their house or doing something along those lines that can be done with just yourself.

Don’t be afraid to talk spending limits. Then once you’ve done that, STICK TO THEM. if you’ve agreed upon a 100$ limit, don’t exceed it. You might think your being merry and doing a good thing, and all though they will enjoy the gift, it will only put them in an awkward spot and leave them feeling like not enough and that their gift isn’t up to yours.

The internet is your friend. Use it. With three or so weeks until christmas is upon us, its not to late to order online. A lot of items can be found cheaper online, and some can be found drastically cheaper at a fraction of the price. This is a good thing for all involved. You can save gads of money in the end by taking time to not fight the mall crowd and just sit on your computer.

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