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8 Jan
Congratulations on Your Holiday Engagement! Now What to Do

Congratulations on Your Holiday Engagement! Now What to Do?

The holiday season is traditionally one of the biggest times of year for proposals between loving couples. Your guy could have surprised you during Christmas or New Year’s by making the proposal at the right moment. He might have even taken advantage of friends and family getting together to celebrate the holidays so that all… View Article
28 Jun
Kelowna Wedding Directory

Kelowna Wedding Directory by Airwaves

Airwaves Music’s Kelowna Wedding Directory We Just Made Planning Your Wedding WAY EASIER.   At Airwaves we like to talk to our customers. We love talking about the music they want at their wedding, how they met, who else they are working with etc. But we also love talking about what they find frustrating about wedding… View Article
11 Mar

Kelowna Wedding DJs

Trying to find the perfect entertainment for your upcoming wedding, can be a very time-consuming and overwhelming process! Which style of music? Live Band or DJ? So many decisions, that in the end, it can all start to sound the same. So how do you choose? It’s simple. Choose Airwaves. We take all of the… View Article
13 Dec

The Office Christmas Party Guide, Part 3 – Airwaves Music –

Incase you’re behind, PARTS 1 & 2 CAN BE FOUND HERE! Pick A Theme Based on your party size, more often then not it is impossible to please everyone in attendance. It is ultimately a judgement call to what you think will fit your office attendees the best. Don’t pick a theme or activity you… View Article