10 Dec

The Christmas Gift Card – Airwaves Music Kamloops –

AirwavesMusic_GiftcardsComing up with gift ideas during the holidays can be a daunting task. Trying to find something unique and different can at times be downright impossible. I personally attempt to avoid giving a gift card if i can, but sometimes, you just have to. I find a lot of people avoid giving gift cards like its the plague. When you look at the big picture though, and i feel this way, it gets you what ever you want at the store, within the allotted amount, and thats nothing to shake your fist at…

Now I don’t recommend buying a gift card for a girlfriend, boy friend, or even a parent or sibling. But for friends and other casual acquaintances I think its completely necessary. When it comes to boyfriends, girlfriends, parents and siblings, I feel you should know enough about that person that you can pick out something their tastes will like.

Friends, co-workers and people of that nature are for the most part, content and happy with a gift card, should you not be able to think of anything else. The gift card to a favorite coffee shop, or department store is something that makes their life more convenient and allows for them to pick out what ever they want, instead of a judgemental guess. It also allows less spending for that person as the beginning of the new year can be tight for money, and having a subway card or certificate of that nature, allows for them to still enjoy the holidays without being overly strapped for cash.

In the end, i’m not saying you cant buy a gift card for a loved one. Just put some efforts into trying to avoid it. I think they are fair game for co workers and friends and everyone is really okay with the reception of them.