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AirwavesWeddingDJGWRAirwaves Music Kamloops – With so many interesting world records out there I found a handful that really were quite astounding. I figured I would hash out another post because they really are quite interesting. These are all current world records that involve weddings in some sort of aspect. If you thought planning, organizing and getting your wedding going was difficult, well, guess again. Because for a lot of these records, i really don’t know where you would even begin. None the less, they are interesting, and pretty over the top:

1) A couple holds the record for “wedding vows renewed” with 83! Surely the number has increased since… I wonder what it sits at now?

2) Thought it took you and your significant other too long to actually set a date to tie the knot? A couple actually holds the record for longest engagement with a staggering 67 years. Talk about procrastinating…

3) Their really is no limit to how old you have to be to be in love. The world record for oldest couple getting married is 96 and 94, in an old folks home in France. Surprisingly recent in 2002.

4) The worlds most expensive wedding goes to the daughter of the worlds 5th richest person at the time. Which came in at a measly 55 million dollars…

5) An 88 year old male has the record for most times married at 29… Talk about committing to easily…

I Found these quite interesting. You can catch 5 more, in the first half of the post via the link posted at the top. Its a pretty crazy world out there and really puts into perspective how tame most weddings are, even though the amount of planning and organization seems ridiculous. You don’t need to set any records to make yours memorable, just do what you enjoy and what will make you happy!


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