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1 Nov

Kamloops Airwaves DJs Wanted

I suppose this isn’t as much a blog posts as a news post. Airwaves is looking at hiring experienced DJ‘s (as well as bands) and training unexperienced ones. If you or someone you know would like to join this fast... View Article

31 Oct

Kamloops Wedding: Male Fashion

Formal wear for a wedding includes the standard suit. Virtually every male that walks through the door of the reception will be wearing some sort of sport coat, blazer or dress jacket. But to those that don’t require a suit... View Article

30 Oct

Music’s Power Over Your Mood

As we all know, music has the unique power to control our emotions. It can amplify the feeling of sorrow, happiness, energy or what ever the circumstance calls for. Ive learned over the years not to listen to music based... View Article

25 Oct

A Night Out In Kamloops

Not being from Kamloops, i don’t exactly have the inside track on a way to kill one of my weekends there. However, Kamloops does resemble a lot of other British Columbia cities. Not in the way it’s laid out and... View Article